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He subsequently appeared in The Magician, Class of '61, Century, Nobody's Children, An Evening with Gary Lineker, Doomsday Gun, Return of the Native and then a Carlton production called Sharman, about a private detective.

In 1996, he appeared in his first major Hollywood film The Rich Man's Wife alongside Halle Berry before finding international acclaim in a Channel 4 film directed by Mike Hodges called Croupier (1998).

The explosion of great TV at the moments only serves to underline the point.

He observes that, “The reality is that when as an actor you come across a piece of material that sets you alight and reminds you of why you do what you do, that’s the be-all and end-all.

He is an inspired yet arrogant maverick whose excellence at his job masks a troubled personality and a cocaine and opium addiction.

Around this oh-so-tasteful, upscale hotel are scattered artfully arranged pots of giant orchids and trendy works of modern art that whisper, in the most sophisticated fashion, of course: “I may be impossible to fathom, but I still cost a fortune.” The place is discreetly glamorous. The British actor is now very big in Beverly Hills – to prove the point, a giant poster of him dressed as a doctor from 1900, resplendent in vintage scrubs and luxuriant moustache, adorns the side of a skyscraper on Sunset Boulevard. I’m more interested in creating a presence.“I’ve heard people say I have a dull and monotonous voice, but the truth is that I put all my effort into communicating to the audience via my eyes. I would have loved to have been an actor in the days of silent movies. For instance, just to wind up a journalist, the actor famous for taciturn, tough-guy roles once said in an interview that he never eats biscuits because, “He-men don’t need biscuits.”Owen, who has two teenage daughters with Fenton, Hannah and Eve, is similarly not stirred when explaining why he never took on the part of James Bond, even though after his swoon-inducing tuxedo work in Croupier, he was the bookies’ favourite to replace Pierce Brosnan.The fact that it’s 20 hours of television is not important.All it means to me is that I’m lucky enough to be involved in something that I’m very passionate about.”What is intriguing about the character of Thackery is that he is not black and white; he is very far from an unalloyed hero.It puts the stethoscope on the Knickerbocker, a hospital in 1900 New York, which is breaking new medical ground in an era of astoundingly high mortality rates and no antibiotics.

Owen plays Dr John Thackery, the newly appointed leader of the surgery staff.The actor carries on that the producers of this meticulously researched series did not want to fudge anything in depicting this blood-soaked era.