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26-Jul-2017 15:37

The consultation took all of ten minutes, at the end of which the pharmacist handed her the morning-after pill. Yet Sarah is just 12 - and disturbing proof of how easy it is for under-age girls to obtain the emergency contraception without any thorough checks.

While the Mail required Sarah's mother's express permission for her to conduct the experiment for us, the pharmacy had no duty whatsoever to inform a parent or guardian before handing over a powerful drug to a prepubescent girl.

The Government has made loud noises about improving sex education for the under-15s, allowing nurses to hand out condoms in classrooms and, their triumphant coup-de-grace: legalising the sale of the morning-after pill over the counter in chemists.

But the disturbing statistics point only to their ineffectiveness.

"Some girls in my year come into school and boast that they had sex the night before," she says.

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In 2005, 7,917 such pregnancies were recorded - although this does not take into account the number of abortions which might have been carried out: in 2005, 4,352 under-16s in England and Wales had terminations, up seven per cent on the previous year.

"Perhaps we can't change it overnight, but bit by bit we need to start turning the tide back.

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