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takes the less-than-whimsical format of interviews between host Gary Jordan and NASA employees or space experts, but it has fulfilled my need for a great space podcast—a lot of which can get condescending (fun space facts for kids! Jordan is clearly a NASA nerd who watches every space walk, and he doesn’t try too hard to be overly earnest or a know-it-all.A favorite episode is “Spacesuits,” in which Jordan speaks with the hardware manager of NASA’s Extravehicular Mobility Unit and manages to throw out “umbilical” (official term for the line connecting astronauts’ suits to the spacecraft) and “air gun thingy” (I don’t know either) in the same sentence.The result, I’ve been told by a friend whose reading recommendations I trust completely, is an incredible blend of travel writing and photography and a unique insight into the friendship between two of the era’s greatest artists.

There are a lot of worthy reasons Silicon Valley is lionized in our culture, but in this issue, the magazine confronted the tech industry’s dark side. Alex explores the stories of elite athletes and adventurers who have experienced the most extreme forms of pain, thirst, heat, and other challenges and where they reached their breaking point.You walk into a series of rooms and watch video shot underwater and in nature that’s projected onto the floors and walls while an awesome soundtrack plays in the background.The walls explode with color and a tide-like pulsation—it’s almost like being in a video aquarium.—Erin Berger, associate editor I’m a sucker for ski films, and what you barely ever see these days is someone laying arcs down a perfectly groomed run.

When Marcus Caston’s new miniseries hit the web, I was psyched that someone appreciated carving as much as I do.—Luke Whelan, assistant editor It’s early in the NBA season, so I’m consuming a ton of basketball content right now (in between worshipping at the altar of Brad Stevens). His previous podcast was a pleasant surprise last year, as Redick’s discussions with NBA athletes often grew pretty candid.