Resize image for whatsapp profile online dating

12-Dec-2017 01:10

So, technically, the image has to be scaled down to 200x150. If I had time right now I would post you an answer on how we do this.Now, the question: Is there a way I can crop the height so it only shows 150x150? I use a simple PHP class which has several options for resizing.I’ve experimented with a lot of batch resizing tools in the past but nothing ever worked as well as Border Maker (the UI and features on the the different desktop platforms are similar).

If you’re a photographer or someone who works on the web, you spend a lot of time dealing with images. When you’re uploading images to the internet, there are two things that matter the most: the watermark that shows the copyright of your image and the size being light enough to load on slow internet connections without compromising too much on the quality.There’s also an X, Y scale offset for manual control (if you don’t want the image to exactly be at the edge for example).