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24-Oct-2017 09:25

A French man appears self-confident enough in himself and his masculinity to not feel the need to speak so loudly, or act so assertively.There is no need for tickets to the gun show or the basketball game because we feel their “strength” through the way they hold and respect themselves, as well as us.On the second date, he was quick to pick it up, fold it nicely and put it aside for safekeeping.I was so thrown off at this seemingly polished and thoughtful action that I didn’t quite know how to react.So what starts out as drinks one night can turn into a whirlwind romance before the end of the week.And just as quickly as it starts, a relationship ends.One of the more fascinating cultural differences between French and American dating is the complete lack of “stages.” To clarify, there’s not a lot of time devoted to getting to know the new person.

Of course, everyone has a fear of rejection or hurt, but it doesn’t seem to be a factor that hinders a French man from taking the relationship to the next level.

If you no longer desire to see the other person, then you leave the relationship. Why spend time projecting expectations before experiencing a relationship?

The French are not afraid to open themselves up to emotional connections with others.

I even momentarily thought it was weird and wondered if maybe he was obsessively neat.

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(I have later found this to not be true when I saw his room.) France has truly kept up the tradition of chivalry.

The deep conversations first came as a surprise and I thought the person I had just met was maybe a bit dramatic or strange jumping into conversations of that depth.