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06-Nov-2017 21:18

You will definitely want to have your wands at the ready!

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“I never went out for basketball when I was in high school and it’s probably the thing I regretted the most…until now. Last night in a pickup game I drove for a layup, had several assists, and boxed my man out so well that he (the top rebounder in the prior game) didn’t pull down a single rebound. Coach Reid especially brings so much knowledge and experience to the program, having been an NBA player and NCAA coach for a lot of years.

I’ve been taking the intro class in Brooklyn for a few years and it’s everything I wanted in that high school team (minus the away games in the dead of winter). Thanks to him, my shot has improved (finally), I feel more confident handling the ball, and I’m starting to understand the strategy of the game, which makes it immensely more fun. Though professionally he coaches really talented players, he still really seems honestly to love working with average folks and helping them improve.

The Young Adult Literature track is gearing up for a fantastic 2017 that will reflect all of the excitement happening in the world of Harry Potter and beyond!

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A nightclub is generally distinguished from regular bars, pubs or taverns by the inclusion of a stage for live music, one or more dance floor areas and a DJ booth, where a DJ plays recorded music.

“Steve had us attempting all sorts of drills: fingertip dribbling exercises, passing drills, running and looking up while dribbling, hop/skipping and dribbling, “ballet” steps in preparation for taking a layup properly, etc. If springtime is the playoffs and the Final Four, fall is training camp and a new beginning. The coaches are helping me develop an appreciation for the beauty of the game, guiding me in breaking old habits and adding news skills, and that's helping me be way more involved and productive on the court."I posted this on our Never Too Late Basketball Facebook Page yesterday and am still thinking about it, wondering if players and/or coaches have any thoughts or comments.

Friday night, March 24, 2017, Madison Square Garden, Round of 16: the scenario was Wisconsin just took a two point lead on two very clutch free throws […]Please, never call out the name of the player you are passing to even if things have transpired in a way that you had not expected: meaning they aren’t looking and the pass that you have thrown is on its way. It means that you and he or she were […]Basket Interruptus is the Latin term for the shot that for all the world looks like it is going to be counted as two points, or three, but rattles an almost interminable number of times inside the rim and then pops out.

Whether you’re a fan of Hunger Games, Shadowhunters, or Divergent, you’ll find friends here, and discover so many new fantasy and sci-fi books for the young at heart.

This year is especially exciting for Harry Potter fans with the recent release of Fantastic Beasts and we can't wait to talk about the wizarding world in the USA!These nightclubs featured big bands (there were no DJs).