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Pv P battles are immense, with 50v50 and 80v80 battles to join.

All Female Cast: Humanity's last salvation comes in the form of several battle hardened maidens.

They're all ready to take down in creatures invading Earth, and look good doing it.

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A class in an RPG game is a way of defining the type of role that a person will play, where each class of character has their own unique abilities and strengths in battle that the player must learn to use in order to progress.

The common classes of characters are listed below: The above refers to the common classes that you will likely see in online RPG games, but the list of roles one can play extends far beyond those in fantasy games.

From cartoon-based games to the more adult genres (nudge, nudge; wink, wink), each role that you can play is unique and will depend entirely on the game in question.

from Stomp Games and Tencent Boston is 3D isometric action role-playing mech game with a little strategy thrown in for good measure, and if I hadn't mentioned Facebook in the headline you never would have guessed the platform it's running on.

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I'm ashamed for not mentioning video game to Facebook and failing to deliver anything remotely close I just... I think I tried to load it in early September but had my system lock up during the attempt (my system's fault), and that was the end of it. Any game that lets me swap between stompy robot legs and treads in mid-mission auto-mechanically gets my love.

Each of the characters have a different playstyle, including weapons and skills they use.