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Tonight, Venus wore a dowdy white, tight skirt and a dark blue top that reflected faint sheens off the clinical office lights. Her bum jutted proudly off her hips, narrowing itself at where her thighs began. V: I'm not online on all days T: so I'm in luck today!

" I tried be cool about it, but things only got harder when Venus went further out to a table to sign my receipt. What's more, this arrangement is affecting my relationship with my husband. Her steamy silhouette was beautifully enhanced by how her attire fit snugly around the narrow curves, and made room for her fleshy protrusions. Our short online chat went something like this (V for Venus, T for me): V: hi T: HI HI V: wow u seem excited to c me T: M I? T: u nt online last few dayz V: So I'm becoming popular!

We can discuss that more in chat if you like but, short version for now? I was climbing corporate ladders and an entrepreneur that got tired of the rat race.

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I mentally removed that tight clothing and visualised her in her lingerie, taking in every alluring bend of her outline. If the proverbial Venus were a real person, this was as close as she could get.... I shouldn't bore a bright-eyed schoolboy like you with my adult problems.

So I asked my courier company to hand me more shifts, and got assigned to deliver evenings to the commercial district.

The commercial district was refurbished from rows of very old, low-rise shophouses. I was puzzled that so many offices would be open after normal working hours, but many actually operated through the night as their businesses covered several time zones. The office was in a secluded corner of the complex, and only reachable by an inconspicuous lift retrofitted into the shophouse façade.

"I'm not supposed to let anyone in just like that, you know," she said. " I was about to reply that I didn't really want to look, but the face had moved back. To my surprise, the office was only slightly wider than a corridor, with tables lined along its length and space just enough for everyone who walk up and down the room's extent.

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The lobby was unusually homey for a commercial unit, and I was curious what the actual office was like.

PART 1: LITTLE CORNER OFFICE It all began when I needed a bigger allowance to feed my addition to gadgets. Then it turned out of my view as the secretary neared me. " I stammered, "Y-yeah," instinctively interpreting her question to mean her, not the office.

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