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Deyes has collaborated with a number of other You Tubers; including Tanya Burr, Louis Cole, Louise Pentland, Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Miranda Sings, Joe Sugg, Zoe Sugg and Jim Chapman.He also created a couple of videos with Ariana Grande for the You Generation network on You Tube.

The vlogger explained that despite not having any specific issues that he felt he wanted to discuss, he still thought he could benefit from the sessions designed to be "mind management".

"' People really really try and eat healthy to look after their body.

People go to the gym to look after their body but people often don't take the time to look after their brain, to look after their mind'." Full of apprehensions Alfie explained that he had previously only seen therapy as an opportunity to resolve specific issues like bereavement or anxiety.

The vlogger said: "She described speaking to a therapist as mind management.

I had only ever thought of a therapist as trying to deal with issues, things that have gone wrong in your childhood. Zoe was talking about just how the average person could benefit from speaking to a therapist to just help them manage their mind better." Zoe's comments clearly resonated with Alfie who decided to book in for an hour and a half meeting with a professional.Zoella, 25, also tweeted saying she was “really starting to lose my patience with people just turning up at our house and peering in or ringing our bell” – adding it “makes me hate our house”.