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She was smiling wickedly, a smile similar to his mom's, and she was licking a thick dollop of whipped cream from her finger.

'I'll give you some cream,' George thought, gripping his massive erection.

"Yes, I've been wanting to talk to you about that, George." She looked up to face her son again. I never do that," he lied, "And the one time I do, you walk in on me." George shook his head. Mostly he jacked-off to mental images of her that he had to invent based upon how she looked in some of her tighter clothing. Apparently, she is what he has heard described as "frigid." He has read about "female impotence" on some website that had an article on it he was reading for school.

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Heck, she even had difficulty bringing herself to an orgasm. She'd been married twice now, and her second husband of three years, Robert, divorced her because of her refusal to engage in "marital intimacy" as his attorney so snidely put it. But even with her first husband, Brian, the father of her only child, lack of sex was an issue. He'd just recently been accepted to every college he applied to. Little did she know that her perfect son was the exact opposite of his mother where sex was concerned. George had to navigate his sexual energy carefully, however.Internet and other varieties of porn were rare indulgences.His mother had a keen knack for computers and anything related to digital technology.'I guess he thinks I'm his type...interesting.' She smiled. I recognize that although I don't feel sexual, that most men are very sexual, so there is no reason not to assume that George is any different than any other man.' She decided she would not say much if anything. Even though it was her son, she felt like at least part of her weight has been lifted from her. She started crying again and her son comforted her by turning and fully embracing his mom. He needed to break away before she felt his growing erection. She held the cup of coffee, comforted by its warmth. All I expect from you is to be more discreet about it. I'll be in my room if you need me." He walked off with coffee in hand. He secretly collected pictures and videos of similar models that resembled her on a free porn site he belonged to. Since the moment he began masturbating, George always had his mom in mind.

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Mostly she was upset that she had to see him in a private moment and would prefer it if he would be more discreet. Diana began her day by making herself a cup of coffee and sorting through a pile of mail from the previous two days. George was the perfect confident as he would accept her unconditionally. They held each other as Diane sobbed quietly, her shoulders shaking. After a brief period of silence, George began his pre-planned confession. Keep that activity in the privacy of your room, not in our office." Diana reached out her arm and lovingly pat George on the shoulder. "Well, we don't have to talk about it anymore." Diana sipped her coffee and smiled. In his room, George locked the door and took a deep breath, sitting down at his desk behind his laptop. This was not a simple feat, however, as she didn't give him much to work with.Thanks to Literotica member, Smoothed for his editing help and creative input. "If you consider a year of bickering and airing-out all my dirty laundry as being 'not-so-bad,' then no, it wasn't terrible.

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