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15-Dec-2017 13:12

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Raleigh has a lot in the cards as far as downtown is concerned in the next few years.

Also Raleigh is actually growing at a faster clip than Charlotte (not saying that's a good thing).

Both cities have a lot to offer and Cahrlotte is bigger, but the Triangle area is only slightly smaller than the Charlotte area and Raleigh actually has a slightly higher population density than Charlotte does.

I'll be in Charlotte for a few days next week (only been there once for a day) and staying uptown close to the convention center.

The real estate market is a bust in Florida and I definitely want to sell my house before I move.

Charlotte was ranked as one of the best cities for African Americans several months ago, so this is a good selling point I'm afraid I don't have the expertise as some of the other forum users, so this is about as much as I'm going to say. My brother lives in Chapel Hill (close to Raleigh) - he graduated UNC - and I have family in Greensboro (but not really interested in living there).But feel free to check out the Raleigh and Charlotte forums. I live in Florida now and though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 9 year stint here – I am definitely ready for a change. I work in the architectural/engineering industry (preferably architectural) and there seems to be an abundance of a/e firms in the Charlotte area.I am truly interested in moving to Charlotte but I’ve been getting so many mixed reviews. It takes me about 10 hours to drive to Greensboro, which is about 45 minutes from Charlotte (I’m definitely not a speed-race driver! I plan to move by 06/08 – God willing – my house here has been on the market for 4 months already.I think I'll be able to tell more about Charlotte after those few days.

Raleigh actually has A LOT of nightlife and it seems like people from Charlotte don't think it has anything going for it! You will have to go further south to Florida for warm weather year round.We have a nice balance of weather where our seasons change every three months and it's nice most of the year.

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