Barbra walters dating a married senator

08-Dec-2017 06:44

More on Walters' fury over Star Jones' dieting claims and Rosie O' Donnell's Diana Ross complex after the jump.

While we await the sordid details surrounding the affair Walters is set to share with Oprah on Tuesday, we do finally hear Walters' real feelings regarding previous co-hosts Star Jones and Rosie O' Donnell.

In effect, the 'Harry Potter' star has been trying his best to keep his private life separate from his fame.

He keeps his love life out of the limelight as much as possible, only allowing the media and the world a glimpse of his romance through interviews and occasional outdoor dates.

After her father moved the family to New York City, she went to eighth grade at Ethical Culture Fieldston School, after which the family moved back to Miami Beach.

He used to date Laura O’Toole, his co-star during the London run of that stage play about a horse, Equus.

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